Our Stock

When you purchase from Sydney Meats you can be assured that our stock have been treated humanely from birth to slaughter. As farmers our number one priority is the welfare of our animals. All of our farms are true Free-Range. We do not use artificial growth hormones, growth stimulants, or artificial or antibiotic feed additives.

Our Cattle

Our breeding herd consists of pure bred Angus cows, that graze year round on pastures and crops. They are bred with a Stud Murray Grey Bull to produce a fast growing and robust calf. These calves are raised with their mothers until they are weaned at 7-8 months of age. They are then fattened until they are 18-22 months old on high quality pastures and crops in a free range environment, which produces superior quality lean meat. We do not use growth stimulants or antibiotics. Our beef is then sold into the restaurant trade and direct to consumers.

Our Lambs

Our breeding flock is the result of decades of breeding utilising the Dorper breed which are large framed and produce excellent quality meat. Lambs are bred and raised on the native pastures in the rangelands that surround our farms. They are grown to trade weights and sold into the export market and direct to consumers.

Sydney Meats