Do you use Antibiotics or Growth Stimulants?


Are your meats Halal Certified?

Our meats are NOT Halal certified.  We choose not to participate in the Halal certification program.

Where are your farms? 

Our farms are located in the Southern Highlands of NSW, near the localities of Goulburn and Taralga.

How long can I store freshly butchered meat in the fridge for?

Sausages:  4 days
Mince (beef and lamb):  4 days
Beef and lamb strips:  4 days
Diced meat:  4 days
Thin steaks (minute):  3 days
Steaks:  2-3 days
Roasts (boned and rolled):  2-3 days
Roasts (bone in):  3-4 days
Corned beef (fresh):  1 week
Chicken: 2 days
Vacuum packed meat (unopened):  4-6 weeks

Is the temperture of my fridge and freezer important?

Yes! Regularly check that both the fridge and freezer operate at these temperatures:

Fridge temperature: 4ºC to 5ºC
Freezer temperature: -15ºC to -18ºC